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Baldy Loc


Born and raised in South Central Los Angeles, Anthony Alexander, a producer also known as “Baldy,” exploded onto the hip-hop scene in the early ’90s when he aligned himself with crosstown rivals New Breed of Hustlas and started producing for the Mobstyle Records label. There, Baldy connected with childhood friend and platinum producer Meech Wells.

After producing several tracks with the help of Meech Wells, Baldy went to Vancouver, British Columbia, to start Hard Tymez Records and mix down his debut solo album 1991. The independent release experienced radio and sales success that enabled the label to continue the trend with a string of five albums and over a hundred shows.

Although the label itself went on a brief hiatus for personal reasons, the artists of Hard Tymez (Alibi, Bianca, Close Custody, Hill B, Kay Ramzes, Knucklehead, Thrill and Critical) were all soon to be reunited on Baldy’s latest release, and second solo album titled “OVERTIME.” With the highly anticipated album, it was apparent that Baldy’s productions still maintained his status in the underground scene.

To increase the diversity on this hot collaboration Baldy linked up with additional artists JT- 420, Checkmate, Concise, Zukie Joseph, Bishop, B Diamond, Wojack, Tha Scumlife and tha Twinz from Long Beach. Then Baldy went back in the studio to follow up to the OVERTIME called “Da Sea Cyde,” which was released in the spring of 2012. “SWARM” was the first released single from the Da Sea Cyde album, and the single climbed the charts on Baldy's ReverbNation’s stats!

Baldy continued to produce hits for Mr. CAS of NBH. Due to the untimely death of Mr. CAS, he never saw the release of his album, but Baldy, his producer and best friend, released numerous joints prepared by Mr. CAS just for this project! Redemption was also a great success for Mr. CAS on ReverbNation’s stats, listed under Hard Core Rap in the Moreno Valley demographic. Mr. CAS hit the top 100 listing of these charts.

After taking a year hiatus, Baldy teamed up with Big Yogi of already formed The High Circle, collaborating together for the label’s first C.D. “Outa da Blue.” Big Yogi, born and raised in Watts, California, moved to Seattle in ’98. Attending the Art institute of Seattle, Big Yogi met producer Deepthought of the Mob Tight Hustlas. He later helped him form Deepthought Productions. In 2001, Big Yogi teamed up with T-Rock, also of the Mob Tight Hustlas, to form The High Circl.

Big Yogi called Baldy to help him turn The High Circle into a super label. With strong ties throughout California, The High Circle is the up North Chapter of the Mula Gang, which includes Ghood and the Hustla Boys, both up-and-coming groups from the West Coast. With INA ZONE PRODUCTONS and The High Circle teaming up with Victor McLean of Virtuoso music, success is surely in the future and for years to come for The High Circle.

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