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Chase Shelleé




"High On Maybe" is the debut album of Chase Shelleé. Although Chase is currently living in Orlando, she is originally from the Philippines.

As an original jazz and blues songwriter with her own band, she travels throughout Florida bringing her smokey, soulful voice to the best jazz clubs around. Her debut album compiles stories that reflect on her eclectic travels and the people she has met across the globe.

There is a story here with characters we either are or have been or have yet to become. On the way, it is not hope itself, but the muddied, uneven, and slightly hidden path leading to it that becomes closest to us.

This first album deals greatly with the past, but at its very center suggests a possibility of taking back whatever power or light was either taken from us or we so foolishly, or naively, gave away. “Meri” is dedicated to my friend Meri Williams, whose light was extinguished far too early. It is written out of respect for her and out of empathy for what she battled.

"'High On Maybe' is dedicated to my mother, whose fiery compassion and fearless love have literally saved my life. Each song is an intimate friend, but I know you will find your own stories in them, or yourself, use them how you will. I have found the path to hope to be a difficult one, always looking down to see what is going to stub your toe or catch your ankle, and going on can weary even the most hardened of us. May these songs, these stories, nudge you further down that path, may you find exactly where you are and realize it is alright, and keep going at whatever pace your heart beats to. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll get there." — Chase Shelleé

From the Philippines and Florida, with a few stops in between, these stories and songs have been in the making for quite a while. I began writing first at the age of 5, and then music found its way in and lit everything up.

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