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Cody Morales

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Cody Morales is a true renaissance man! Some call him a modern day Leonardo Da Vinci. His talent is so versatile and yet he consistently surprised with the depth of his accomplishments and high level of skill. Cloud of Sound clearly reflects who Cody Morales inspired him.

Cody Morales grew up with a love for a wide range of superior producers and artists including: Berry Gordy, Gary Katz, Eddie Kramer, the Lord Alges', Phil Spector, Dr.Dre, Rodney Jerkins, Andrew Lane, Steely Dan, Billy Cobham, John Scofield, Stanley Kubric, Steven Spielberg, and Robert Rodriguez.

Cody Morales has been a musician since about 12 year. He studied recording and producing all through out the 90's. In the new millennium he founded a project studio in Detroit, Michigan where I work.

Cody Morales also regularly performs with Freedom Underground as a fantastic drummer.

Cody Morales is a producer, musician, drummer who enjoys creating a wide range of music, videos, and video games producer. He is loves taking sensitive and artsy photographs. Within Cloud of Sound Studios he and his team created a proprietary sound library that allows them to produce CDs, Music Videos, Video Games that have an edge, soothe, revive, or bring the audience back into their groove.

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