Edelplanet is the name of a musical project formed by the Norwegian artist Edel Iren Bjelde in about 2011.

Edel is the singer, keyboard player, composer and text writer in the project. She spent a long time searching for the right musicians to support her on stage. Many stayed just for a short while, because they didn’t have the discipline or the will for rehearsing or the presence in the music that Edel was looking for. So many things have to click — musical chemistry, the discipline and the will for hard work and little salary, and a lot of rehearsing. Then there is also the tof prioritize the music — always.

In this project, we have a motto: ”All and everything for Edelplanet.” That means that the music ALWAYS comes first, that no gig is too small. If you’re going make it you have got to have this attitude.

So the hard work is now showing results. The music is powerful and the lyrics are strong and moving. Some of the songs are real events from Edel's life.

Coming Home
Walk on Fire
Love Was All



“My music is in no special category and I believe it can stand alone for itself. Still - if one must categorize, the closest category would be alternative pop/rock."

Edel was born in a little fjord at the west coast of Norway called "Nordfjord." The population there is about 500 citizens, and she started performing for bigger audiences when she was 9 years old. She say, "I knew from very early on that I was not going to have an ordinary life. The stories of pain and bad events from my childhood were many, but the music was always there as my escape and savior along the way—a magical world of tones and colors, something very different from the everyday difficulties."

In addition to my own inner music as a child, I would also listen to all kinds of artists and genres. F.eks  Elvis Presley, gospel music, Bee Gees, Dolly Parton. I ate it al up.  When I became a teenager, it was more rock. Pink Floyd was a great inspiration. Rebellious as I was, I also liked AC/DC and a lot of other rock-bands, but then there were also Kate Bush, Nick Kershaw and Sinead O’connor as a contrast to the rock bands that I also liked listening to.

When Prince released Purple rain it truly changed my musical life and I thought,“Yes, there it is." It felt like coming home in a way. I thought he was totally free in his music and it was impossible to categorize him.

From the age of 18 I started working professionally with music, but not with my own songs. I wasn’t there yet. I would sing in all kinds of bands that did cover-songs.

It wasn’t until I reached 29 that I went to the studios and recorded my own songs and started performing them for real. Ironically, In the year 2000, right after I had recorded my very first album called ”Starchild” (which was given fantastic reviews by the media) and given birth to my first and only child, I became seriously ill and I was more or less gone from society for many years. I couldn’t perform anymore and I became a bitter person. At some point I decided that I would never sing again—a childish decision of course, made out of bitterness.

Six years after I became ill, I was finally diagnosed with ME. All those years with tremendous physical pain were definitely the worst I’ve experienced.  A lot of deep processes started underneath the pains. There was work to do and wounds to heal from my childhood along the way.

In some of my songs I invite you into my journey towards healing from these years—a journey that started in despair and anger and slowly began moving towards understanding and forgiveness and finally healing.

Today, I feel my mission is to touch and move the public by singing from the heart. It is not always easy. In our superficial society, it can be scary to get to the roots or to be true. Yet, I don’t have time to fake it anymore. The years of suffering taught me this—you give all you’ve got because it might be over tomorrow.

As I have grown older I still love all kinds of music, but there are a few that really move me a lot. Eminem and Alanis Morissette are two of them. I think they are both wonderful and so honest in their expression. I also still love Sinead O’Connor and the newer Pink Floyd releases, like Division Bell, which is a big favorite. I also like music with intense energy like Rage against the machine or Michael Jackson. There is so much energy and power in their music.

Then there is the opposite soothing and dreamy music that inspires me, like Enigma and Massive Attack. I think all these bands and artists together represent two very different and important sides in human beings—the energetic/angry one, and the vulnerable and loving one.

As a musician, I believe I master both these sides. I love playing with contrasts — anger/vulnerability or soft/hard. I demand a lot from myself, and give all I have to the public.

I demand total dedication and presence in the music from my musicians too; otherwise, they might as well not play at all in my opinion. I am merciless on this point. To me, the music is dead serious. That goes for the happy songs as well.

As time has passed, I have grown as a musician and I now feel ready to enter international stages and exposure. In other words, I want to move on and take it all the way to the top and I can’t wait to perform for you

Bless and love from Edel/Edelplanet

Edel & Edelplanet - Walk on Fire


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