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Gary Carpenter

"Exquisite Spanish Guitar, Beautiful, infectious, and highly danceable..."

The Good Times - South Bay Weekly

"...Renders defenseless all listeners to their instinctual passion, accent with copious riffs courtesy of Carpenter's deft Spanish Guitar..."

The Metro - South Bay Weekly

“Oracle Dancer” from Gary Carpenter’s first CD “ Sirena” placed number 4 on the International world music charts and consistently scored 5 star peer reviews!

“Santa Cruz guitarist Gary Carpenter and his fiery ensemble Tribal Heat have a riveting collection of world-influenced songs that make SIRENA an engaging listening experience from start to finish by incorporating elements of lounge, electronica, Flamenco, Rumba, and swirling vocals with modern Spanish acoustic guitar. Carpenter, a critically acclaimed guitarist was joined on this project by Italian drummer/percussionist/vocalist Renato Annichiarico who helped him combine world/Latin rhythms with hip-hop and electronica grooves to create a fresh sound. In addition to Renato, Gary invited veteran pianist Murray Low (Pete Escovedo , John Santos, Andy Narell) to be part of Tribal Heat as well as two captivating vocalists, Liz Raquell and Lisa Taylor. Appropriately titled (means siren), the alluring SIRENA is a musical journey transporting the listener to far away locations where perhaps one might find intrigue and romance and for sure adventure and distraction. The best part is that you don’t need to go through customs to get into SIRENA, one listen and you're already there.”

...Smooth jazz albums by acoustic guitarists are, by and large, a dime a dozen and many aren't much different from the next. Not this one! It positively brims with verve and energy, not to mention a most interesting blend of sounds and rhythms, including Arabic flavours. Absolutely not to be missed. One can only wonder why this tremendous debut wasn't picked up by one of the major labels, though fortunately the sound quality is well up to par. Highly recommended.”


“Maximum 5 stars” ( Oracle Dancer is currently 5 stars on only 1% of the 20,000 submissions achieve a five star rating)

“ I had to play this twice (Chiamala Gypsy ) for the review because the first time my wife grabbed me a we began to rumba around the house.”

“This one (Oracle Dancer), just blew me away with the awesome blend of instruments. The beats are so unique that I am totally involved in it. The guitar has been played perfectly, oh, what rhythm. The flute and several other instruments are top notch. This is just too much; the beauty of this song cannot be expressed in words. I truly love this”

“Yes!!!! I love this passion; (Raised by Wolves) what a wonderful world when you can listen to this kind of music. Elation, soul and vibe can only come from a tune like this.”

-“Musically Rich. Great production, guitar sounds, and overall mood.
Great backdrop music for a chill evening indoors.”

“ Well, this track is in my play list favorites and very few have achieved that so I must award it a maximum 5 stars - you deserve it Mr C!”

“Oh hell yea, this is awesome. The Spanish guitar is superb!!! the overall listening experience was very satisfactory, no negatives just a 5/5”

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