Jay King

Jay King

Industry veteran, musician and producer, Jay King has always been ahead of the curve. As the founder/creator of Club Nouveau, perhaps one of the most distinctive and original groups to grace the contemporary music scene, he has been influencing the musical landscape since first forming the group in 1986.

Club Nouveau sold over ten million records, toured worldwide, charted eleven Billboard hit singles and garnered numerous awards and prestigious nominations with hits that included "Jealousy," "Situation #9, "Why You Treat Me So Bad," and the remake of Bill Withers' "Lean On Me."

Forever the maverick, King is also credited with creating a new chapter in music history by independently producing, pressing, marketing and promoting the biggest selling 12-inch single in history, "Rumors" by the Timex Social Club. He paved the path for independent record companies and was actually a forerunner to the current state of the music business, initially demonstrating the true power of the committed artist operating outside the confines of the major labels.

King is once again forging new inroads with his new CD Helens Son.

Good Kinda Lovin
Helens Son
All About Your Love


Available online soon!

“I love the music business, and I love exploring what the future and technology has in store for all who participate in this business, I believe it’s going to be greater and more fruitful for those with open and fertile minds."

- Jay King-

King's first solo CD, Open Book, was a ten-song adventure through adult contemporary, the musical escapade provides the textures of love, life and spirit. Working with musical powers such as Larry Dunn of Earth, Wind and Fire, guitar virtuoso Tony Dewayne, saxophone wizard Cal Bennett and veteran industry staple John Barnes, Jay has created a masterpiece in the realm of an audio experience that is destined to become a standard for all time. Tracks like "I Would Die For You" and "I Have a Way with the Woman" ring like timeless classics.

Jay King continues to do his morning radio talk show "kings in the morning" (4 years running) Monday thru Friday from 8 to 10am pst at www.thejaykingnetwork.com, he's also an on air radio personality doing a drive time radio show playing classic R&B music at 97.5fm a terrestrial radio station in Sacramento Tuesday thru Thursday 3-7pm pst it can also be heard at www.kdeefm.org .

Jay King acts as Manager/Booking Agent for Karyn, White, Cameo, Club Nouveau and Larry Dunn. For more information contact: 818-518-8062

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