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JENAYLA (‘je-nay-luh’) was born and raised in Australia. She grew up in a musical family and later refined her skills of performance and song-writing, in both the studio and in live performance.

​JENAYLA began her collaboration with award winning Composer/Producer Roberto Merlini, who having had releases on Café Del Mar, encouraged JENAYLA to further explore her interest in Smooth Jazz/Lounge Music. This partnership led JENAYLA and Roberto to produce the EP VISION and her debut album INSIGHT.

JENAYLA’s inspiration stems from her earlier pop roots, engaging with the sounds and voices of Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, Lisa Stansfield, Sade and Whitney Houston. This musical grounding gives her albums a sound that alternates between a mid-tempo jazz lounge and a groove pop –  it holds your attention, but is smooth enough to cool you down.

Her songs are currently being played and promoted by radio stations throughout Europe - Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Australia, Africa, Canada, South America and the US.

JENAYLA is licensing her music to clients of brands and industries in luxury retail, hotel resorts and special events; and is available for compilation projects, television and film. She is also performing her catalogue of songs in live performances and is proud to be distributed by Vic McLean and the team at Virtuoso Music & Distribution.

"...give JENAYLA a listen for yourself and spread the word to any and everyone you know. This one's a keeper"


Say No More

jenayla- Insight


"Together with Roberto Merlini this is international quality. Im so proud of this woman and what she is achieving. The music? Well what can I say - just superb. Her voice is unique, sultry and dynamic. Sooo impressed."


Jenayla INSIGHT Trailer


Jenayla “In My Life” (Beatles Cover)


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