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Justified Media's
Danny Clay

Love is a Gift

Artist: Danny Clay with Guest Vocalist Ann Nesby featuring Dan Cathy on Trumpet
Producer: Dr. Gregory A. McPherson
Writers: Kim Luttery, Greg McPherson, Bert Bacharach
Label: Justified Media Group, LLC
Executive Producers: Bob Johnson & Greg McPherson

Love Is a Gift    

DANNY CLAY is one of America's acclaimed male vocalist of our time, with an incredible "smooth" baritone voice very reminiscent of another great legendary  baritone - Mr. Luther Vandross - a "very humbling comparison of whom I am honored to be likened too" as Danny would put it.

Mr. "DL Clay", as he is often referred to, has become one of the most sought-after and successful balladeers who has easily brought the whole presence of "soul music" and love ballads back into our current society, while also etching and carving-out a definite place in music and entertainment with his name, signature voice, and commitment to the preservation of a genre that many of whom have felt is a lost art. 

Having been discovered by Mr. Thomas "Nephew Tommy" Myles - famed comedian, actor and co-host of the enormously successful "Steve Harvey Morning Show", Danny, with his incredible gifts and talents, has been able to capture the attention of some of entertainments most influential people, and brands all across the globe. He made his national debut performance on the widely syndicated radio show "The Steve Harvey Morning Show", and has since been a frequent guest vocalist on both the award winning show, and appearing with Mr. Steve Harvey in a myriad of venues all throughout the United States. This singular platform has launched "Mr. DL Clay" into the stratosphere with command performances by numerous "A-list" entertainers, talk show hosts, radio icons, and the illumines entertainment mogul - Mr. Tyler Perry - where Danny co-starred in the TP hit musical theatre work "Modea's Big Happy Family", and had hundreds of performances including those on BET's "The Monique Show", and several others.

In a recent CNN article highlighting Danny Clay, he says: "I feel like I have been given one of the most wonderful and humbling blessings a person could ever get, being able to use my voice as a real second chance at life itself". For those who love Luther Vandross, your heart and soul will be generously nourished and satisfied by this remarkable gentleman. LV's mother gave Danny the nod and vote of confidence with love and her blessing, as well as this duet with the Grammy Winning, multi-award winning ANN NESBY - in which Danny counts as his sole source of inspiration during some of his most challenging life struggles. "Doing this song with Ms. Ann Nesby brings me to a very critical turning point in my life, as I now feel that my soul has also been validated with this song, knowing that "GOD's Love IS a Gift".

Ladies & Gentlemen, Mr. Danny Clay.

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