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Pacifistic Idol

Whyte Gurlz Twerkin' Now

Artist: P.I. (Pacifistic Idols)
Special Guest Artists: Mr. George "Spike" Nealy, Percussionist. The SCSU Horns
Producer: Dr. Gregory A. McPherson
| Writers: Taylor & Tyler Thibodeau, Quincy Jones, George & Louis Johnson
Label: P.B.I.M.

Taylor & Tyler Thibodeau make up the Hip-Hop twin duo called “P.I.” (Pacifistic Idol). They are a 19 year-old powerhouse with a solid sound that has been crafted by their lead producer, Dr. Gregory A. McPherson, who discovered them upon a visit to Atlanta in 2013.

The duo is originally from Prescott, Maine —largely considered a farming town, with the twins as highly unlikely artists to emerge from this northern Maine city, sometimes affectionately referred to as "The Cow Town" of the Northeast. 

Taylor & Tyler have an incredibly diverse style and present "off the cain" high-energy performances. Ladies & Gentlemen - Pacifistic Idols (P. I.)

Whyte Gurlz Twerkin' Now


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