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* 2016 Winner Global Music Awards: Silver Medal - Outstanding Achievement
* 2016 Winner Akademia Music Awards: Best Song World Beat/Executive Top Picks
The Beginning of Orippua

Orippua formed in 2007, consisted of King daD.A. and Gkong in Kobe, Japan. Since 2004 we have lived in Japan, but we are Korean.

The band name came from our plush toy "Ori" and "Ppua." We thought out this name in just a minute, and there is not a deeper meaning to the name. We thought that whatever it means today would be insignificant over time, and it would be better not to attach a weighty meaning to band name.

Orippua's Music

We just express ourselves, our hearts and souls enthusiastically without discerning genre and style. We believe there are any boundaries in the world of music!

Lyrics are very important element for our music. We`re really sorry that it`s unable to be transmitted in English, but Korean is the only language for us to be express ourselves freely.

Introduction of members

King daD.A.
All vocals, all keys, bass guitar, percussions, midi programming, song arranging, mixing, recording, and writing songs & words.

King daD.A. was born in Seoul, Korea, in 1974. She started playing piano at 7 years old and majored in classic composition in Yonsei University, Korea. At the age of 22, while she was a student, she made her own studio and started to take on activities as a professional composer and arranger, arranging classic pieces for philharmonics and broadcast programs and composing TV animation themes, independent film music, TV commercials, and musicals. She quit all musical activities and careers since 2003 because of alcohol and depression.

“daD.A.” means lots of, innumerable, infinity in Chinese character “多 多." I had many mental difficulties in my 20s, with depression, schizophrenia, multi-personality and an alcohol problem. I got confused and had an identity crisis with numerous aspects and characters inside myself. Becoming conscious on the existence of “just one I” who is free and responsible for all of my aspects, I had decision to be a king of myself. Not the king who rules, just the soverign king of myself.

All guitars, making videos, and writing songs & words.

Gkong was born in Taegu, Korea, in 1971. He started playing guitar at 13 years old, and wrote his first song at 16. Gkong majored in mechanical engineering in Yonsei University, Korea. He formed his first rock band at 20, playing their own songs composed by him. There is a blank of musical activity for his military service, and he formed the second rock band named “Modern Circus” at 26, and Gkong was introduced to King daD.A. for recording his music.

While people insist on themselves and their personalities, I always felt something not to be changeable and would be quiet, but exist. Why do they always shout, “Here I am!”? Regardless of doing or not, I am what I am.

Gkong means “empty," ”vacant," and “nothingness” in Chinese character “空”. But, nothingness is also wholeness. Real and the only “I” will always be as eternally, no matter what a little personality is in this noisy world.

Blank Period and Restart

We have made our music since 1998 and lived together since 2000. But, as King daD.A. couldn`t adapt to her life any more in society, we had to run away . King daD.A. secluded herself from the world and did nothing for three years, just asking herself the question of “live or di.". In 2007, King daD.A. heard a calling from her inside and decide to live and do music one more time.

We started to record our music from early 2012, and finished our first song, “Pandemic,” in June 2013.
This time we`ll make fun and joy from ourselves, just expressing ourselves,and hoping to share our music with you.

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