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Rohan Reid

Jamaican Rohan Reid is a bass player of staggering talent. His debut full-length release, Rifle Road, shows that talent has also been enhanced by maturity and a keen imagination. The title track starts with what seems like a predictable dance hall rhythm, but within moments, horn flourishes, keyboard passages and Reid's own distinctively plucked notes elevate it above the 'street noise'. Blu-Lu-Lup, as the name suggests, is a whimsical track, with an 'old-time market song' feel to it, as Reid doubles on bass and banjo. He also takes on well-known songs, including Jimmy Cliff's Wonderful World, Beautiful People, Al Green's Let's Stay Together (co-written by Green, Willie Mitchell and Al Jackson) and Marley's Lively Up Yourself, with similarly engaging results.

Michael 'Jazzofonik' Edwards, The Jamaican Observer Product

Rifle Road, a revealing name for a road in a tense area in urban Kingston, is where Rohan Reid's musical odyssey is coming from. Many believe that Rohan Reid is one of the most gifted musicians of his generation that is now coming fully into his own. He already shines on bass, piccolo, guitar, and his banjo. Now he is making his mark with original compositions of wonderful songs like: "I Have Much To Say." His team of players are a perfect fit; Phillip Martin's saxophone, and the astonishing Sisaundra Lewis, also Mrs. Reid, who brings home, one of the best recent versions of Let's Stay Together. Could It Be I'm Falling In Love, refreshed with a reggae feel, and the Latin groove on Rifle Road, is a cut above.

Say the name, Rohan Reid, and almost everyone in Jamaica knows his life story! ...the third of seven children, born and raised in Kingston, Rohan was encouraged to start learning bass at the tender age of 6. His father, Nathaniel Reid, had him pick up the guitar to teach him a "few chords" to play along in church. Little did he and his wife know that this youngster would, in a short amount of time, would learn and master both bass and guitar.

Everyone was astonished at his progress and would soon start asking his parents could he accompany them. Although his mother, Leanna Reid, reluctantly allowed Rohan to start traveling the world at such a young age, she knew his talent was a gift from above. At age 10, Rohan was on the road touring internationally with one of Jamaica's biggest record selling Gospel Groups, Grace Thrillers. After 5 wonderful years of this union, he moved on to become a member of Insights. It was during this time he began to develop his musical arranging skills under music director, Denis Hayes.

In 1985 Rohan, along with Patrick Kitson and Henry Morrison formed Change. The group fused gospel, jazz and reggae, revolutionizing a "new" sound, a new driving force in Jamaica's Contemporary Gospel arena. Change became the first and only Gospel aggregation to perform on the world's largest reggae festival, Reggae Sun splash and was also featured in the Billy Graham Global Mission 1994, shown to over 300 countries worldwide via satellite.

Good news traveles fast and Change became the first local group to be signed to an international record label, Freedom Records (a division of Malaco Records). Rohan's role as musical director, bassist, composer, producer, writer and vocalist helped to create many of the uplifting hit songs performed by the group. Rohan, now known as one of the most accomplished bassist in the Caribbean, was highly requested and more than ready to take his talent abroad to the USA. Junior Gong, Beanie Man, Big Mountain, Dennis Brown, Dianna King, Eric Darius, Irene Cara, Jessie Dixon, Leon Patillo, Maxi Priest, Najee, Sisaundra, Wayne Wonder!

These are only a few of the Grammy Award winning and Billboard charting artists who have experienced the amazing passion Rohan Reid brings to his craft. With two recent #1 Billboard projects to his credit, now the world celebrates the soul of the man who's fingers works his instrument into a passionate fever!

Despite his huge and early success, Rohan Reid feels honored by the gift he is allowed to bring to his audiences around the world: "I hope many will come to know the soul of this man whose fingers express what I'm truly feeling inside. RESPECT!"

Rifle Road is the debut album of this notable Jamaican bassist/guitarist/banjo player, Rohan Reid. The mood is smooth Jazz served with R&B, Mento (that?s Jamaican before Ska), Latin and Reggae (including Dance Hall) flavorings.


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