Steven Seagal

Steven Seagal

Yes, Steven Seagal, plays the blues! Steven is a legendary guitar player that chose to focus on an acting career until a few years ago. His style of classic and modern blues is personified in a way that only Steven Seagal can accomplish. His natural talent and commitment to create the blues true to tradition, meaningful and "soul" touching is evident in the music he writes and plays.

Steven received his first guitar at the age of 12 and has been playing the blues since. He has honed his craft over the years, sharing his love for the blues and jamming with the most prolific blues legends in the industry, whenever his illustrious acting career permitted.

Steven's mother influenced him always urging him to "let the world hear his music." After she passed away, he released his first album, Songs from The Crystal Cave. He always felt connected to the blues and at last he honored his mother's wish and shared the blues from the depth of his soul. His many successes combined with personal tragedies could have broken a weaker man. Steven Seagal feels deeply - he feels joy and he feels the blues. Fortunately Steven Seagal has a strong belief system. He will always "overcome." No wonder his version of the blues is so uplifting.

Seagal songs have been featured in several of his movies (such as Fire Down Below and Ticker). Songs from the Crystal Cave, which has a mix of pop, world, country and blues music features duets with Tony Rebel, Lt. Stichie, Lady Saw, and Stevie Wonder. The sound track to Seagal's 2005 film, Into the Sun, features several songs from the album. One of his album tracks, "Girl It's Alright," was also released as a single around the world alongside an accompanying music video created for it.

Songs from the Crystal Cave


Girl it's Alright
Better Man




"Steven Seagal is great at guitar."

— BB King —

Steven, famous for his strong believe system and support for Tibetan culture, is no stranger to personal trials. His parents passed on too soon. His beloved mother, Patricia (1930-2003), was a medical technician, and his father, Samuel Steven Seagal (1928-1991), was a high school math teacher. His mother was Irish American and his father was Jewish.

The family relocated from Lansing, Michigan, to Fullerton, California, where Seagal attended Buena Park High School in Buena Park. It is understandable that the early death of both of his parents was painful. Both his first and second marriage ended in divorce.

Ever the optimist, he was willing to give true love another try when he married Erdenetuya Batsukh in 2009. His many successes and many tragedies are partially responsible for the rich texture of his soul and perhaps the truth that rings out in his sincere version of the blues. Steven Seagal's music embodies both pain and hope—it has true range—it is real blues!

Steven Seagal feels that his greatest accomplishments are the contributions he makes to the many charities he supports and has started. Steven Seagal extends his success in film and music to various philanthropic causes, including many that serve needy children around the world, the environment, animal rights, and AIDS projects.

His deep love and care for others is exemplified in his commitment to do his part to make this a better world whenever he can. When he shows up at the Mercy Center, supported by the Human Development Foundation, helping kids who live on the streets, he is greeted as Uncle Stevie and is tireless in giving both his time and financial support.

Steven has supported many other charities including several environmental causes to protect what he feels is "the world that has been bestowed upon us - natural beauty and gifts from our land". His latest Charity, "Save a Million Lives," is making an impact on HIV/AIDS in Africa. Steven always makes time for charitable causes; first and foremost, he is a human being with a deep devotion for his fellow man and the environment around us.

Enjoy this accomplished man's music and join us as this remarkable man shares the latest part of his journey and his music.

Steven Seagal & His Mother - Sharing His Music




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