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The Woods

Few young men have ever had a true perfect blend of harmony and quartet style music that is instantlyrecognizable and enjoyed by any listener.  But thanks to South Florida native sons The Woods; this music can be appreciated by anyone within the sound of their voices.  They are truly unique with a smooth quartet blend as they sing from the heart and minister to the soul.

Lead singer Sherman Woods’ (whose vocal styling is charismatic and powerful and reminiscent of that of the late great Sam Cooke) says “We have a little something for everyone in our music.  We are grateful to be blessed with such an anointing to reach the world.”

Brothers Laverne, Sherman and Darin Woods have been with the group since their father (Willie Woods) and mentor started them singing in their formative years.  Over the past twenty years The Woods have compiled and released five albums with a mixture of contemporary and traditional styles with a distinct sound, strong delivery and precise harmony.

The Woods have grown to expand on a national and international level, winning new audiences with an exciting and powerful performances that has become uniquely their own.

Of the group’s mission lead singer Darin says “It’s to share the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ in song and to allow our light to shine as positive Christian men so that God may be glorified.”
Laverne says “we know our ministry is blessed and anointed by God and the songs we sing were to us to minister to his people.”

With talent like this there’s no question why the Lord allows these men to sing for his glory!


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