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The Woods

“If you can’t feel ‘The Woods’ when you see them perform, it’s because you’re in the woods literally. They have a powerful presence.”

Jeff Grant, Director of Promotions, Verity Records


“I enjoyed ‘The Woods’ music. I think they are one of the bright stars in the galaxy of rising new gospel artists.”

A’ The Bishop” Hobbs, President & Founder of Aleho International Music and Founder & Chairman of The Gospel Announcers Guild of the Gospel Music Workshop of America


“They have a refreshing sound that will appeal to the X, Y, and Z generations.”

Rev. Val, Director of Radio Promotions for Gospo Centric Records and Chaplain of the Gospel Announcers Guild of the Gospel Music Workshop of America


“’The Woods’ are an anointed and talented group of men who sing from the heart with God’s love. I felt blessed.”

Sheila Belle, Editor & Publisher of The Gospel Times Newspaper


“’The Woods’ are obviously one of the next hot young groups that will stay in the forefront in keeping the strong tradition of quartet music alive.”

Jeff Hargrove, National Director of Promotions for CGI Records


“Distinctive soft Floridian sound, unique and anointed in their presentation and in their delivery.”

Elder Sam Williams, Gospel Program Director of WBLS New York


“You can tell the world that I am personally endorsing ‘The Woods.’ They made me cry and they were so filled with God’s anointing. I personally believe “The Woods” will be the group to watch for 1998.”


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