V3's "Alive"

V3’s new album, “Alive,” combines multiple genres & creates a new gospel sound!

Phenomenal - Edgy - Ground-Breaking


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V3 Alive          V3 Alive



V3 "Alive"


V3 "Wait On You" Video

“ Supremely talented, phenomenal, edgy and relevant for today’s music fans… and yesterday’s and tomorrow’s.”

- Verniece Watson, Executive Director, The Artist Company International -

Meet V3

Real-life sisters Shelley, Sacha and LaToya Vinson, better known as the Stellar nominated trio V3, are back with their second album, Alive, a powerful project designed to uplift, inspire and encourage souls around the world. The siblings from Atlanta released their debut self-titled album on EMI Gospel to critical reviews.

Shelley Vinson
Sacha Vinson
LaToya Vinson





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