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V3 Alive

V3 Alive

“I listened to the album and it is a ground breaking project. It sounds like it can be a crossover between Christian and Contemporary/secular music.  I do think that any urban station would pick it up as well because it does have an R&B sound and feel to it.”
Be Blessed!, Lindsey “Maestro” Powell, WEDR/ Miami Gospel Host


“ Supremely talented, phenomenal, edgy and relevant for today’s music fans… and yesterday’s and tomorrow’s.”
Verniece Watson, Executive Director, The Artist Company International


“V3 is an amazing new Gospel/ Contemporary Christian group that is  stirring up the gospel industry,  said Queen Esther. They have wonderful 3 part harmonies, and remind me of the Supremes, added Princess Sabrina.  V3’s  sound reminds me of the fact that  you can't beat that good ole family harmony! We give them 10 NAILS UP!”
Queen Esther & Princess Sabrina. Co-Hosts of Gospel Review Southern Style


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