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Passionately Supplying
Artists with Every Opportunity
to be Successful

Why Virtuoso?

Virtuoso Music & Distribution is constantly evolving, passionately supplying artists with every opportunity to be successful.

Since 2003, Virtuoso Music & Distribution has been a committed complete music services company offering artist development, marketing services, promotion, consulting, sales and distribution for both music and non-music entities. By working with artists and focusing on their uniqueness, Virtuoso Music & Distribution presents ways to bring music to consumers in today's markets and provides a holistic opportunity for artists to have the greatest chance for success.

A MARKETING COMPANY by nature, Virtuoso Music & Distribution is an eclectic umbrella working closely with artists on all aspects of a campaign, combining public relations and multi-format marketing for maximum exposure. We secure radio support, the rights to songs for film & TV, and we can create CD compilations for promotions and special projects. We set up new product releases for developing artists (all artists are "developing artists", even famous ones) and create consumer awareness and market availability for their assets, national, and international broadcast outlets. Performance opportunities represent the future of significant revenue for performing artists, and Virtuoso Music & Distribution has developed an extensive list of relationships in that arena, opening the door for clients to secure opportunities to perform throughout the U.S. and worldwide. Our standard-setting, detailed communications reflect creative planning and execution. We generate interesting written correspondence to the right medium at the right time in order to meet the goals of each campaign, and our communication and collaboration with the artists we support is unparalleled.

OUR SKILLS & EXPERIENCE - Virtuoso Music & Distribution offers a unique set of competencies effective in all aspects of artist development and consumer awareness. Long associations with great artists operating independently, Navarre Entertainment Media, WEA and the Universal Music Group have allowed for unique relationships and skill sets to be nurtured and developed to create effective and unique channels now available to developing and established artists.