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Welcome to the Underground, Friend.

Well, it's finally done. Nearly four years in the works, Freedom Underground's first full-length album is now all done and ready for purchase, which is where you come in. If you're a fan of Freedom Underground (and we're assuming you are, which is why you're receiving this newsletter), then we hope you'll trot on over to, iTunes, or Virtuoso Music and Distribution and download either the entire "Between the Funk" album, or feel free to only get the mp3 songs you like. For those old-schoolers among you, the release of the actual hard copy CD is expected to be early this fall. Stay tuned for updates via our newsletter.

Also, for those of you located in the Detroit area, where Freedom Underground is based, we have a great gig coming up in a few weeks at the Peoples Arts Festival at the Russell Bazaar, which is located just off I-75 (Clay exit) in Hamtramck. Start time is 3:30 and is over quick, as in at 4 pm. So don't be late or you'll miss the fun.

To all of you who have encouraged/supported us throughout the years, that means more than we can say. We appreciate you. And a huge special helping of recognition to our main man Vic McLean at Virtuoso Music and Distribution, and the rest of our Virtuoso family, without whom a whole lot of this never, ever would have happened. Much love, Vic. .....

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Valerie Barrymore Foundation of Funk Interview with Keith Owens of Freedom Underground

3pm ET - Keith Owens, Freedom Underground...a Detroit-based jazz fusion/funk band and we have just released our debut album "Between the Funk" with Vic McLean and Virtuoso Music and Distribution. The album is now available for download on iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, Napster, Rhapsody, and many other sites around the world. The release of our hard copy CD is scheduled for later this fall.

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